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    High Pressure Grinding & Grindability Tests on Copper Ore for the Esperanza Project of Antofagasta Minerals carried out at the Polysius Research Centre. Project No. 2337 2603. 05-09-2006. 65 Referencias Kapur, P. C., Suhdir G. S., Fuerstenau, D. W. Grinding of Heterogeneous Mixtures in a High – Pressure Roll Mill.


    A study on the effect of using conventional and high pressure grinding rolls on grinding kinetics 921 HPGR was in 1985 and its success resulted in the increasing numbers of applications in the cement, iron ore, and diamond industries (Kellerwessel, 1990). The comminution principle, which is a compression as a breakage mechanism used

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    Rene Klymowsky, well known as a pioneer in the development of high pressure grinding rolls, sadly passed away on the 4th March at his home in Arnhem, Netherlands. If you would like to add your memories and appreciations of Rene, you can do so on the MEI Blog. Rene Klymowsky

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    During recent years a worldwide trend towards comminution installations using High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) has been established (Klymowsky, 1998). This comminution practice was made famous in the 1980s by the research work of the German Professor Schönert. The technology

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    High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) are appealing for their energy efficiency and resulting lower operating costs. This article evaluates this technology as an alternative to the conventional fused alumina comminution route of a specific plant comprising a complex roll crushing circuit.

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    Other designations were also used for the high pressure grinding technology with respect to a wide range of applications from coarse crushing to very fine grinding, such as 'high pressure roller crusher', HPRC. The generic term that has been widely settled upon is HPGR, high pressure grinding rolls, and is used in this paper as well.